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'But she insisted earlier: 'Drew has transformed so much on this show.

His heart has, I think, won him over more fans than people realize.'Giving him a 10 for his freestyle, head judge Len Goodman called him 'the most improved dancer on this show' and joking that while he started the season as a 'fixer upper' he was now 'a hot property.''You really have exceeded all expectations tonight,' Bruno Tonioli told him. A delight from the beginning to the end.'His first dance, a paso double in the redemption round, got all 9s, with Len telling him: 'This had finesse, it had quality, and control.

Extraordinary.'Julianne, meanwhile, insisted: 'I'm, like, in shock. When I watch you guys, I become a fan.'Jordan declared they were planning to make their freestyle routine 'the best freestyle that the show has ever seen,' with Bruno standing in applause as he called it 'a sensational, show-stopping number.''You have star power that is limitless, all packaged for a new generation. Jordan insisted his success was all down to pro partner Lindsay, saying: 'Lindsay has seriously made me a harder worker, she's made me a better artist — she's made me a better person. 'After their second round of perfect scores, pro Mark gushed: 'I took some time off, and coming back to the show this way, it couldn't be any better.'Despite remaining in the running, Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie showed by far the most emotion, breaking down into tears in prerecorded confessionals as he spoke of his support for pro partner Witney Carson.

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